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What is it: The B3 Beauty Wand's combination of technologies enables you to clean, massage, and rejuvenate your skin: everything you need for your daily routine with just one tool!

Why you need it: Galvanic ionization is a safe and gentle electric current that can activate your skin's own ions to help remove an excess buildup of dirt and impurities which linger in the pores after cleansing.

The micro-vibration stimulation promotes improved elasticity, enhances cellular metabolism, and enables better absorption of products.

The warm massage function can increase blood flow, improving circulation, which can result in plumper and healthier-looking skin. It also allows you to treat your skin to Red Light and Blue Light therapies that have been clinically proven to improve overall appearance and texture as well as reduce inflammation and bring balance to the skin’s oil production. 

Turn on the B3 Beauty Wand by pressing the On/Off button for three seconds (see video below.) Then continue to press it until it reaches your desired function. The device will start when it touches your skin. A second button allows you to choose the vibration intensity you are most comfortable with.

Important: If you are using the Beauty Wand on someone else, you may need to create an ionic connection with them by touching their neck, shoulder, or hand with your free hand, in order to activate the wand.


With the wand in Clean Detoxification Mode, add a few drops of toner to a cotton swab, place the swab on the wand, and snap it in place with the wand’s plastic ring. Use upward strokes as the warming sensations help to open up your skin’s pores and help remove excess impurities trapped within the skin. When you’re done, remove the ring and dispose of the swab.

Product Absorption and Facial Massage:

Warm a few drops of your favorite Facial Oil in your hands, gently press it onto your skin, then massage it in. Select Photo Rejuvenation Mode (with red light therapy) or Firming and Lifting Mode (with blue light therapy) and your desired vibration level.

Using medium pressure along the natural contours of the face, glide the wand in gentle upward strokes, starting at the chin, and working your way up to your forehead. Repeat each stroke 5-10 times to allow the micro-vibrations to enhance cellular metabolism, the warmth to increase absorption, blood flow and circulation, the red light to encourage collagen growth and elasticity, or the blue light to improve texture and reduce inflammation.


After applying nourishing Under Eye Cream, select Eye Care Mode. To add red Light Therapy to Eye Care Mode, press the vibration level button.

Gently press the wand to the areas around your eyes (never on the eyelid or eye itself). The Wand will vibrate and pulse. When it pulses, move it to the next section.

When you’re finished, press the On/Off button for three seconds to turn the Wand off then clean it with an alcohol wipe or baby wipe (not a cotton pad, as you don’t want to get the wand’s surface too wet.)

Remember to read the enclosed instructions to make sure you are using the B3 Beauty Wand safely and effectively!


B3 Beauty Wand How To with Julia  Dalton-Brush on Vimeo.



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