Love The Skin You're In

I am so thrilled and honored that you want to check this out and, possibly, be a part of our Love The Skin You’re In/My Skin For The Win campaign! 

I reached out because what you are doing on your feed really spoke to me and really resonates with B3 and what we are all about.

How It Works

I want to create a “Love The Skin You’re In/My Skin for The Win” campaign. We want to know what you love about the skin you are in. We want to know what you love about your skin and we would love to be a part of helping you love the skin you are in.  



Fill our our short application so we can learn more about you and I would love to send you our 100% all natural and organic Prickly Pear Oil along with another product to try and see how you love it. 



If you love it, we would love for you to post the following:

  1. Create a fun video with you being you and using our product
  2. Create a beautiful aesthetic photo
  3. Share it in an Instagram video and photo and allow us to do the same.
  4. In your caption, share your FAVORITE thing about you and your skin exactly as it is now – and possibly something you enjoy about B3 and the product.
  5. Tag @bthreebalm and #b3balm #myskinforthewin #b3lovetheskinyourein



Once you share we will send you a $35 gift card for more B3 products. It's that easy!

Meet Julia & B3

B3 Balm was created by me – I am a makeup artist and have been for over a decade – working all over the world, in TV/Film, print advertising campaigns and fashion and to be, the best part of what I do is the connection. 

The moments I get to be with talent and connect and help them feel the very best. I noticed that a huge part of that process was skincare and taking the time to feed their skin with the care, hydration and love it needed before I ever even touched their face with makeup. 

So, I created this line to have anyone who uses it be able to feel good and love the skin they are in. Whether you are a 2 minutes skincare person, or someone who takes upwards of 20-30 minutes, we love you for who you are and any moments you are able to give you.

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