Face Oils + Moisturizer for Winter Skin Perfection

Lillie Luxury Facial Oil by B3 Balm

Winter presents extra challenges for your skin no matter what your skin type. That's why a skincare routine that not only hydrates but also locks in that moisture is critical.

Winter can be extra stressful for all skin types:

  • Cold temperatures cause the blood vessels in our skin to constrict to conserve heat, drying out the outer layer even more than usual
  • Indoor heating is dry and speeds up the evaporation of moisture from our skin
  • Decreased humidity levels can trigger skin sensitivity and reactivity
  • Going from heat to cold and back again can cause skin irritation, particularly for sensitive skin  
  • Heavier, scratchier winter fabrics can irritate our skin and even cause eczema flare ups
  • Because we spend more time indoors, we're exposed to more indoor allergens which can increase irritation & itchiness
Your skin needs both hydration and moisture. Here’s why they’re equally important:

How your Moisturizer Hydrates

When your skin is dehydrated, it needs water. Most moisturizers – like our Hydrating Facial Moisturizer - are water-based. A good moisturizer (like ours!) penetrates immediately, replenishing your thirsty skin’s water content, both on the surface and into deeper layers. Your skin looks firmer and plumper after a good moisturizer is absorbed because it’s replenishing its hydration supply!

Why Facial Oils are Critical

Because the heat and cold can dry your skin back out again, extra protection is key. That’s why our face oils are so special. Our all-natural face oils protect your skin’s barrier and provide lasting nourishment, while locking in the benefits of your moisturizer.

Here are some of the benefits of our all-natural oils:

  • Oils seal in moisture preventing water evaporating from our skin
  • Oils help create a physical barrier from environmental stressors while also repairing the skin’s actual barrier
  • Many oils help soothe irritation, redness, itchiness, and flakiness, and can reduced eczema and psoriasis flare ups
  • Oils can improve texture, the skin’s defense and can help maintain a healthy skin cycle

While moisturizers provide instant hydration, face oils provide long-lasting moisture with the bonus of special formulations to nourish and protect a healthy and radiant complexion.

How to Use Facial Oils with Moisturizers

In the morning, use your moisturizer for hydration, then use a face oil to seal in that hydration for lasting results. A makeup artist pro-tip is to add a touch of facial oil - we love our Lillie Luxury Oil for this! – to your foundation or your blusher for smooth, glowing coverage.

At night using both, choosing the oil that best nourish your skin type overnight! We actually love our all-natural, olive oil-sourced Rose Squalane Oil for all skin types because the squalane supports your skin and the while the beautiful aroma promotes sweet dreams!

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