Teen Skincare Routine

Quick and Easy Teen Skincare Routine 

It’s back to school time!

Although it can be stressful figuring out a new class schedule, sports, clubs, and new sleep schedule (ouch), B3 has one thing figured out for you: TEEN SKINCARE ROUTINE!

Check out THIS video and watch how Lillie Ann, our Founder’s ultra-rad daughter, handles her skincare routine!


First, Lillie starts with our Cream Facial Cleanser. This is a super gentle cleanser that helps wipe away dirt, oils, and makeup without stripping the skin. Use it when you wake up in the morning and before going to bed at night.

Make sure to use our B3 Exfoliating Facial Brush with the Cream Facial Cleanser to get the ULTIMATE cleanse! The Exfoliating Facial Brush does wonders for your skin. It has soft, rubber bristles that help gently exfoliate dead skin cells to give your skin a fresh look while evening out the skin tone. And it has a gentle vibration that helps stimulate oxygen to the skin, waking it up and creating a healthy glow.

Plus it has three different LED lights that can be changed with the push of a button! Use the red LED light to reduce environmental stressors and improve the health of your skin. Switch to the blue LED light to kill any bacteria which will lessen breakouts. Finally, use the green LED light to help with inflamed skin and hyper-pigmentation (dark marks) while reducing oil production.


Next, move on to our Pomona Facial Toner with a reusable pad. Pomona is great for balancing PH levels on your skin, reducing redness and inflammation, while also cleansing the skin.


Don’t skip the oil! Even if you have oily skin, you still need oil in your life. Adding a facial oil to your skincare routine will actually reduce the oil your skin produces. Try the Rose Squalane oil to hydrate your skin, even out skin tone, and reduce redness and inflammation. Or opt for the Luxury Lillie Facial Oil for intense hydration, healing properties, and the repairing of your skin. Expect less redness and inflammation along with soft, glowing skin.


Lastly, dab on some Hydrating Facial Moisturizer from B3 Balm. Take a few deep sniffs from the moisturizer and have a small aromatherapy moment before your day at school. Then pat onto the skin in a light, gentle motion. Your skin will quickly absorb the moisturizer and facial oil so there’s no fear of feeling “greasy”. Continue on with a makeup routine or SPF and you're ready for the day!

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