Using Sunscreen with B3

Hey beauties! 

Now that summer is around the corner, we often find ourselves enjoying more outdoor activities. This means more sun & more questions regarding sunscreen.

How do I incorporate sunscreen into my morning routine?

How much sunscreen should I be using and when do I reapply it?

How can I reapply sunscreen if I am wearing foundation?

Let’s start off with how it fits into your morning routine. There are two recommended regimens:

  1. For drier skin types: Mix B3 Balm’s Hydrating Facial Moisturizer with a lightweight oil such as B3 Rose Squalane Facial Oil. Next apply our Nourishing Under Eye Cream. Apply sunscreen after.
  2. For Oily skin types: Apply a lightweight oil such as B3 Squalane Facial Oil. Then dab on some Nourishing Under Eye Cream.  Apply Sunscreen on top. Save the Hydrating Facial Moisturizer for nighttime.

How much sunscreen should I use?

Apply 1 oz of sunscreen, 15 minutes before going out into the sun. SPF must be at or above 30 SPF. Always apply it as the LAST step in your skincare morning routine. 



SPF in your foundation or tinted moisturizer is not enough. 

1 oz of foundation is not the equivalent of 1 oz of sunscreen. 


How to wear sunscreen with foundation: 

If wearing foundation, apply the sunscreen first then the foundation. 

When and how to reapply:

Reapply sunscreen every two hours. Many people ask “how should I reapply sunscreen?”

If foundation is not being worn, apply the sunscreen directly on the skin as you normally would. 

If wearing foundation, consider a sunscreen mist or sunscreen brush on powder.


Your future skin will thank you!




  • Good info, thank you!

    Samantha Welch
  • Good info, thank you!

    Samantha Welch

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