What Makes our Lillie Luxury Facial Oil so Special

Lillie Luxury Facial Oil by B3 Balm

Lush, fragrant Lillie Luxury Facial Oil is our only oil that isn't named after its main ingredient. That’s because Lillie Luxury Facial Oil is a complex blend of specially selected oils that I originally formulated for my own daughter Lillie!

Lillie Oil’s primary component is Helichrysum Oil, a rare oil extracted from an flowering plant in the sunflower family whose golden blossoms have been used for healing going back to ancient Greece. Frequently used medially today to promote healing for burns, it can also help with aging skin and with scars. In fact, Helichrysum is sometimes referred to as the Everlasting or Immortelle Flower.

Other pure, organic ingredients in Lillie Oil include Rose Hip Oil, Vetiver Oil, and Lavender Oil which work together with the Helichrysum Oil to help keep your skin healthy, dewy, and smooth. In addition to its super powerful healing and anti-aging, properties Lillie Oil also delivers essential fatty acids to your skin cells to keep your face moisturized and glowing.

Along with its topical benefits for your skin, its lovely, aromatic scent has a calming effect that helps you wind down and relax – another thing that’s incredibly therapeutic for your skin!


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