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Squalane Set

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A magically hydrating duo that harnesses the power of beauty’s latest buzzy ingredient: Squalane. The 100% olive-derived saturated
oil that moisturizes, fights acne and rids of blemishes is naturally produced in our own skin, but as we age, it rapidly decreases. Use the single-ingredient oil, or for additional benefits, the Rose Squalane, which soaks Organic Rose
Buds in 100% pure Olive Squalane for 72 hours. Roses are packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids that reduce inflammation and acne, refine skin’s texture, calm sensitivities and reduce signs of aging
and the appearance of scars. Set includes full-sized bottles of Squalane Oil and Rose Squalane Oil. Both work beautifully on face, hair and body.